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Have you thought of going off the grid but the high costs and effort have prevented you from going ahead? Now is a good time to think again as the cost of PV modules has decreased significantly. Contact us for more information today!
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10 Years of LED Lighting and Solar/PV


We are proud to be pioneers in this field importing LED products since 2004 when most people did not even know that LEDs existed. We have installed many PV systems of various sizes since and we do not only sell our products, we LIVE them. We use all our product ranges at work and at home and we love our OFF-THE-GRID lifestyle.

Get one step closer to independence

and forget about Load shedding.

With the permanent threat of Load shedding, families and businesses have difficulties to operate. Unfortuntately the situations won’t get any better for the next couple of years so we all should think about a shift towards renewable energy. At Tytan, we live and work 100% off the grid. We would like to show you that it is possible for everybody to do the same. PV/Solar systems are expandable so it can be  done in steps. Download our brochure with prices for UPS  backup and Solar/PV systems.
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Solar Motion Sensor Light
We don’t only sell it, we LIVE it! 100% off the grid
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